Top Things To Know About Solid Surface Countertop

Kitchen countertop has seen solid surface countertops as a king for around 50 years. They came as a revolution as before them, countertops were just confined to laminate or tile. Solid surface, since its introduction, has remained available in a variety of colors and materials. This is the reason; every countertop contractor is readily available to provide you with solid surface countertop.

However, before rushing to the market for your new kitchen, or renovation or restoration of old kitchen, there are certain things you should consider.

What Is A Solid Surface?

Intrinsically, it is a plastic. A petroleum-based product manufactured by combining acrylic/polyester resins and an inert filler product makes a solid surface countertop. It is popular because of its aesthetics, workability, and resilience. It is practical from an installer’s point of view as well. For an installer, it is just like wood i.e. easy to cut and joined.

Type of kitchen countertop Material

Kitchen countertop is very important as it defines the mood of a kitchen and its user too. As the solid surface countertops are available in different materials, they have their own qualities which may or may not suit you. Also, you have to be considerate about aesthetics but you should know that some materials may give a good look to your kitchen but they are not practical for you countertop. You can consult your countertop contractor in this regard.

The available options in this regard are ceramic, marble, stainless steel, granite, quartz and wood. All of these are practical to use, have good effect on the kitchen’s outlook and also on one’s wallet.

  1. Stainless Steel

If you are going for stainless steel, it is going to be pricier than other options. However, they are much valued among both professionals and homeowners. If you go for this material, you need to bear in mind that you have to clean and polish your kitchen top to preserve the look. You can get the maintenance tips from your countertop dealer.

  1. Wood

Wood is a good option if you are all for looks. It is more porous and would soak up the spills and grime. You have to clean them regularly and feverishly. Otherwise, it will develop mold and bacteria and prove detrimental to health.

  1. Granite and Marble

Granite and marble are the hottest in countertop materials. However, they are expensive and vulnerable to damage. These are natural stones, and you have to care about keeping heat away from the surface. They are also easy to crack, so be mindful when handling heavy objects (including your cleaver) near your countertop. You can sand and refurnish it if it is cracked.


Installation of your kitchen countertop is not an average task to do. Tools, training and care is required in this chore. Only the, you will be able to get a nice looking and structurally well-developed solid surface countertop. You can hire the services of a countertop contractor rockville md as most of the contractors provide the installation services as well.

What’s the Best Wood for Your Custom Wood Shutters?

Custom wood shutters are one of the fantastic investments you can ever make for your home. It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional or trendy taste as the timeless elegance of these shutters can take your home design or room décor to the next level.

Once you have been finally convinced that investing in shutters is a better option than their curtain and blind counterparts, the next thing you have to do is decide on the type of material which best suits your home and requirements.  To make the decision making process easier for you, here are some important things you have to keep in mind when choosing your shutters:

Types of Wood Ideal for Your Shutters

  • Poplar – Fairly economical and durable, poplar is a common hardwood often used for making shutters for indoor use. Due to its tone, poplar must only be used for the painted shutters since its green streaks make this unfit for staining.
  • Basswood – A smooth and affordable kind of hardwood, basswood is a pale wood that is a very in demand option for internal shutters. Thanks to its lightweight properties, it means that it can be used for making crates, and can be used as well for creating musical instruments like guitars as it offers a warm tone.
  • Off-cut timber – The durable, recyclable, and flexible nature of timer makes this a great material for shutters, which is why it has been used as window cover for many decades. There are some shutters made from off-cut timber that come in very competitive rates.

Shutters for the Bathroom

Heat, dampness, and steam are all reasons why bathrooms need a different kind of shutter material different from the rest of your home. PVC and poly shutters are both ideal to wet applications, which make them ideal in bathrooms. But, you might have to take into account the limited options when it comes to design.

if you are hoping to a have a more traditional shutter made from woo in your bathroom, there’s no need to worry. You can now make use of a new window treatment that features a closed cell composite technology which will let your wooden shutters withstand the harsher environments of bathrooms and wet rooms.

Contact a wood shutters store for guidance and advice on the type of wood and design which best suits your home.