Trees mostly look good as long they are growing. As it slowly grows, it begins to offer shade from the blazing sun and adds to the visual appeal of your house. However, in cases especially where the trees grow too tall, you would want to reduce or limit their height with help from arborist services. Let’s take a look into whether that is possible and how you can manage a tree that exceeds your expectations.

Is It Possible To Stop A Tree From Growing?

The growth of trees is a natural process. As the roots begin to expand, the trees continue to grow as well. With that said, if you are planning to stop the tree from growing, the chances are that you might end up damaging it. There isn’t any technique available that stops trees from growing. However, proper pruning may help.

In most cases, homeowners feel the need to keep their trees at a smaller height or remove them altogether just because they were not smart with the planting area. If you intend to have trees in your front or backyard, you will need to think carefully about their placement. A tree that is too close to your or your neighbor’s house or comprises the drain lines or threatens the power lines, will need to be brought down or kept at a lower height.

Furthermore, most homeowners tend to prune their trees once they have reached their maximum height. This could be dangerous. The best way to prune a tree is when it is young. However, if the tree happens to be aged, it has relatively fewer chances of recovering against pruning. Plus, it is never a wise call to chop the top of your tree. The reason is the limbs will grow back but will be weaker this time.

How Can You Limit A Tree’s Height?

Then again, you simply cannot stop trees from growing but can surely limit their height. If you plan to limit the height of your tree, you should not cut down the majority of it in a single take. This makes the tree relatively weaker as it struggles to create the food it needs.

Therefore, you should not remove more than one-fourth of the tree and then wait for it to recover before you can proceed with removing some additional areas. However, in such cases where you intend to limit the height of your tree, you will need to consult an arborist. Limiting a tree’s height is not a one-day process. In fact, it may take several years.

For instance, if you wish to shorten the height of your tree by 6 feet, your arborist will cut down 2 feet each year instead of going straight for removing the 6 feet worth of tree.

How To Prune Trees The Right Way?

To prune a tree the right way, you need to keep several important factors in mind. First, you should not remove the majority of the limbs at once as it will only make the tree weaker. The tree needs a sufficient amount of time to recover and create food until you can further reduce its height.

Furthermore, you should prune the tree only when the season is right and use the right tools and equipment. Most people out there do not realize the fact that tools and equipment go a long way when it comes to pruning trees. Use the wrong tool and your tree’s overall health will drop.

Plus, as mentioned earlier, trees require several years before you can limit their height. This means that you will need to practice patience. Some arborists will simply shorten your tree just because they want to make some money. Therefore, they won’t have a problem cutting down half the tree. This is why you need to be fully aware and understand the type of tree and its growth pattern.

Final Word

While you cannot stop trees from growing, you can surely limit and maintain their height. Start pruning them when they are young instead of waiting for them to grow excessively tall. And above all, do not hurry the process. To end up with a tree with a perfect height takes several years of patience, the right tools, and tree cutting services Bethesda to help you out.