A relationship is a combination of so many things like friendship, intellectual compatibility, sexual attraction and love. Love acts as glue and keeps the relationship solid and strong.  But how one can understand whether he is in true love or not? I am going to furnish below some signs of true and life enhancing-love.

Love is never lust:

Despite the common saying like instant love nobody feels love as soon as one sees another.  It is true that a strong attraction starts reaching you towards the attracted person on the first sight itself. This can simply be considered as sexual chemistry or infatuation. Mother-nature has provided big infatuation to human beings to perpetuate the human race. Love takes time to build up even though it includes sexual chemistry also. Lust appears all of a sudden. Love evolves slowly as you get to know more details about the other person. Because it is an emotion that takes time to build, love evolves over a period of time as you get to know the other person very clearly.

A relationship cannot become fully faceted without love: One may be burning with sexual attractions towards a person. It need not mean that he loves that person. If you are not having true love towards your partner, you will feel bored once the sexual attraction settles down.

Love takes time to become full-fledged: A relationship is not built instantly. It takes time for the threads of love to weave together.It happens through the sharing of hopes, dreams and fears, It happens in its natural time frame and the growth of love cannot be fastened as desired by one person.

There need not be only one true love: We have often heard about soul mates.  But humans have the capacity to love different persons at different times.  It is because of this people are able to forget the school crush and love another person as he/ she grows up and become fully grown up.

Love is generous: In true love one partner gives the other without expecting anything in return.  In true relationships no account is kept about who did something and what was returned. When one partner gives something to the other he derives pleasure out of it and does not expect anything in return.

 One feels same as the partner:

Making a partner happy invokes a sense of happiness in the other partner. When one partner seems to be unhappy or disheartened, the other partner also fees the same.  Love provides empathy for the partner’s emotional state.

Love involves compromise:  A person in love is always ready to compromise in many things for making the partner happy or to accommodate the desires of the partner. Normally one does not sacrifice personal  feelings or one’s own  self for this. The other person also does not want such sacrifices. It cannot be considered as love, but it is often considered as abuse and control.

Respect and kindness

People who are in love respect each other and they are very kind in their personal contacts and activities. Intentionally hurting the partner or denigrating him is avoided carefully. Listeners to lovers’ talks can often understand the love and respect they give each other. Such people do not criticise behind their backs.

Ethics and morals are improved: People in love often tend to act morally and ethically in the community and the neighbourhood where they are living.  The presence of the partner in our life makes us a better person so as to get the continued admiration from the partner.

Success of one person gives happiness to the other person:  In everyday life one feels jealous seeing the victory of a colleague or a friend.  But in relationship, the knowledge of the success of the partner brings in happiness in the other person.

Sexual intimacy develops:

Sex is an important component of relationship. In true relationship love making becomes holy and deep. It becomes a true joining of both the minds and bodies.

They are always alive in our mind:  Even when separated, the thoughts of love kindle one’s picture in the other person’s mind.  The partner’s picture is always alive in the other one’s mind and always thinks what the partner will be doing now.