An oriental rug is often considered as a work of art. They were appreciated for centuries for the adorable designs and patterns in them and they have become a benchmark of luxury. It has been proven countless times by the ever increasing value of these antique rugs over the years. It is essential for one to protect such a valuable asset carefully through proper care and cleaning so that the value of the rug keeps on increasing year after year.

How to clean antique rugs

There are many companies throughout the world engaged in professional hand cleaning and restoration services intended for rugs alone. If you can call one such company they will be able to give you expert care and protective services so that your rugs remain like brand new one even after the passage of many years.

The best way to keep a rug clean is to keep it clean and keep dirt away as far as possible. Removing shoes and keeping it outside before entering a room where rug is spread is a good practise which is always done by most people of the rug weaving countries. Bare foot or sock-foot traffic is very good and gentle to a rug than a hard outdoor bear foot walking with a shoe sole or a spike heel. Leaving your shoes outside before entering a room can be helpful in bringing in much lesser amount of sand and dirt.

Are you in the habit of cleaning rugs only when cleaning becomes unavoidable? In some areas cleaning will be required every year There are some other areas where cleaning is needed only once in several years.

Do your rugs require cleaning?

You can try one of the methods given below to judge how dirty your rug is and decide whether cleaning is needed for your rug or not?  Kick sharply the back of a rug after keeping its one corner in one of your hands. You can see a cloud of dust coming out of the piles.

If this is the condition of your rug, it is sure that the rug needs instant cleaning.   Another test is to kneel down on the antique rug and rub the pile continuously with your hands for 5-10 seconds. Now look at your fingers and palm. If they are dirty, it is another sign of the situation that your rug needs immediate cleaning.  Try to fold the rug with pile facing up in such a way that the pile opens along the line of knots. If the warp and welt look dirty, it is another sign that tells you that your rug is in need of immediate cleaning.

Can I clean myself?

It is not recommendable for a person to clean the antique rug all by himself as a DIY project. Spot cleaning may be necessary for every rug and it can be done as DIY. But trying to clean an oriental rug completely by oneself is a dangerous idea as it can lead to the damage of the precious rug.

Spot cleaners and chemicals

Do not let any spot cleaners other than club soda and water to come in contact with your rug. The common spot cleaners available in grocery shops are intended for wall to wall carpeting.  They often contain bleaching power and harsh chemicals which are not good for natural fibers or wood.

Bloating and sweeping

It will be wise to remove any spills immediately so that they can be resisted from making permanent stains on the rugs. This can be achieved by blotting as much moisture as possible with the help of clean towels. You have to begin at the outer edge of the bloat and proceed towards the center. Rubbing the spill will allow the dirt to sit on the pile. The best way to remove a spill is to use a spoon and scoop it up taking care not to get the rug stained by even one drop of the spill.

Vacuuming the Oriental rugs

Vacuuming the carpet has to be carried out regularly. The vacuuming will not reduce the value or life of the rug but only will increase them provided your rug is not an antique one. No special vacuum cleaners are required for cleaning a rug as the sales representatives are going on advising. Do not try to vacuum clean the fringe of your area oriental rugs VA. It can get damaged by getting caught by the beater bar. Also do not try to vacuum the pile of the rug. It may get damaged due to excessive vacuuming.