Antique rugs are very much in fashion and enthusiasts who like changing their home decor after some time find these little pieces of marvel quite fascinating. People with a rich taste for ethnic things like to take possession of antique things and especially Persian antique rugs.

Antique rugs can be used to decorate your house from the get-go, here’s all you need to do.

Calculate the size of the rug you need to buy in advance

Before anything else, you have to measure the room/space you are finding a rug for. Let us say, you are trying to buy a rug to place underneath your bed. For this, you have to consider a space 3-4 inches wider than the space your bed is acquiring. Measure the length and width of it using an inch-tape and note the measurements down. Bring a notepad into use because it will obviously be difficult for you to remember the details precisely, so to say.

Do match/contrast it with wallpaper and upholstery

If you want that specific space of your house to look great, you should not undermine the design/pattern of the walls and upholstery. The rug you’re going to buy has to be in sync with the wallpaper and upholstery of the room, so to speak.

Choose a rug material that doesn’t age quickly

There are so many materials out there and some of them have an exceptional tendency to last longer than the rest. If you rely on silk or wool (the actual wool and silk not the faux ones), they can easily last a period of 10 years. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, do not have that much a durable life span.

Place furniture coasters and don’t put furniture directly on the rug

Placing furniture directly on top of the rug is always a bad idea, it can ruin its texture. You should try avoiding it at all costs. In case you want the front two legs of a chair or sofa to be placed atop the rug, you should perhaps bring in some furniture coasters to protect its texture from being destroyed.

Use rug pads to stop your rug from going out of order

If your rug is light and does not carry a lot of mass, it can easily be disarranged or go out of order. It would look all messy if the rug forgets its place every now and then. If you want your rug to stick to one place, you should put a rug pad underneath that will not allow the rug to slip hither and tither.

Oh, and yes! You can hang a rug as well!

It is not imperative to place a rug on the floor. You can even hang a rug on the wall if you like doing so. Many professional interior designers also suggest using a rug this particular way. If you are interested in making your room look classic and vogueish, you should adopt this method of embracing a rug.

Use a rug narrower than 4 inches for your hallway

A hallway rug should be as narrow as it can be. Hallway rugs look good only when they are lengthsome and narrow. Make sure, both sides of your hallway rug aren’t touching the wall, they should be at least 3-4 inches away from the wall.

Make sure your rug exceeds the size of your dining table

While choosing a rug for your dining room, make sure you choose a rug that supersedes the area your dining table is already covering. It should be at least 2 inches wider, so to say.

Put a small rug at the foot of your bed

It has now become quite a no-brainer. Putting a rug at the foot of your bed is no longer a futuristic fashion, it is the new normal I guess. There is no element of surprise in it, you would see this trend being followed in almost every other household these days.

Putting a small rug atop a large rug looks great

An amalgamation of two different rugs that complement each other in some way is a trendy thing. Underneath your favorite rug, you can place a rug that is slightly larger than it. The smaller rug would be the main item of display in this case and the larger rug would just embellish it further. You can get any size of antique rugs from Persian rug stores Northern VA.