Natural stones or man-made tiles? Which one is better for your kitchen? If you’re at the crossroads of choosing a good countertop material for your kitchen, then this comparison between granite countertops and ceramic tile countertops will be helpful.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are the most loved countertops ever to exist, by the masses. These countertops have certainly made their mark in the realm of countertops and they’re popular for a reason. Made out of a natural stone, found deep inside the Earth’s surface, granite countertops are rough, robust, and rustic in the best way. Here are the ups and downs of granite countertops.


Granite is durable and that’s a fact. It’s one of the hardest materials on Earth and once you set these countertops in place, nothing is going to budge them, as long as you take care of them properly.

Granite countertops are meant to last for a long time and they’re extremely strong and heat resistant since they’re made by the melting of rocks under high temperature and pressure. There’s not a lot that can ruin this robust material.


Granite might be a wonderful material, as far as quality is concerned, but all of these things come at a price. It’s not the most cost-effective material on the market and it certainly isn’t something that can be bought without planning.

Granite is more like an investment because it’s known to add value to your house when you go ahead and sell it, so it’s pretty much worth it, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can afford this beautiful material all of the time. You certainly need a reasonable budget for granite, because your wallet will show the aftereffects.


Granite is not just a kitchen countertop material. Its popularity goes way beyond the borders of a kitchen. Because of its very intricate style and appearance that’s to die for, granite can be used anywhere and everywhere. From bathrooms to coffee tables to kitchen islands and even outdoors, this material has got you covered.

Some materials can’t be used anywhere else except for the kitchen, but granite is certainly not one of those. This also makes granite a crowd-pleaser and it’s one of the major reasons for its growing popularity.


Granite sounds like a perfect material, but this aspect might be the very place it might lose a couple of points. Granite, since it’s a natural stone, demands a lot of maintenance.

Firstly, granite is very porous, which means that it can’t be used without sealing it first, otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble and damage. Secondly, granite can be quite fragile when it comes in contact with acids and harsh chemicals, so it needs to be cleaned with pH-balanced cleaners and if you think about it, these solutions will add up over time.

There is also the aspect of waxing and polishing it now and then, so that its appearance can be restored. With all of these things, granite seems like a hefty material that needs a lot of looking after, and honestly, a lot of people aren’t a fan of this material, because of this very fact.


Lastly, the variety of granite will also surprise you pleasantly. There are dark colors, light colors, and neutral tones available in granite, and paired with its very random and sparkly mica veining, this material is up there in the list of the most beautiful countertop materials. Check out some interesting colors and patterns by contacting granite contractors Rockville.

Ceramic Tile Countertops

Made out of glass, clay, and metal oxides, all pulverized together and shaped into tiles, ceramic tiles are a treat for the eyes. They’re luxurious in appearance, opulent in feel, and very versatile as far as installation is concerned. Here are some things that you should know about ceramic tiles.


Believe it or not, ceramic tiles are just as durable, if not more, as granite. You would think that ceramic tiles are very fragile and don’t hold a candle to a thick slab of granite, but you’ll be surprised by ceramic tiles because they certainly pack a punch. If you take care of them properly and don’t put a lot of weight on them, these babies will last you a long time.

Ceramic tiles, since they’re made out of glass and pulverized clay, get stronger as time goes on and it’s a unique property that’s not found in a lot of kitchen countertop materials, so this one is a winner.


There can be nothing more expensive than granite and you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that ceramic tiles are more affordable than granite. They’re usually thinner, which means that they can be installed very easily and you can also get your hands dirty and attempt to install them by yourself, hence saving installation costs.

Regardless, ceramic tiles are nowhere near as expensive as granite slabs or tiles and they’re a great option to go for if you’re looking for something that is not only pleasing to the eye but also long-lasting.


Maintenance is a very important factor that a lot of people consider when getting tiles. Lucky for you, ceramic tiles are very low maintenance and they don’t need a lot of care after installation. Of course, they will need to be sealed, just like granite, but that’s pretty much it.

No regular polishing or care is required and these tiles have a pretty decent heat resistance as well, so you will be in for a treat. Let’s be real, no one wants to slave over the maintenance of countertops. They should be easy to handle.


Tiles are very easy to install and it takes almost half the time, as compared to granite, to get the installation out of the way. Since there is no specific arrangement, these tiles don’t have an issue of seams either, which is great, because the seams of granite can get on the nerves sometimes.

All you need for installing these tiles is some adhesive or cement that’s going to keep the tiles in place and then the tiles can be set up, like a jigsaw puzzle. See? It is simple, fast, and very satisfying.

Overall Quality

Even though ceramic tiles are strong, that doesn’t mean that they don’t chip. There isn’t a problem of seams with ceramic tiles, as with granite, but there are bigger things to worry about. For instance, chips and cracks are the norm in these slim tiles and if you’re not too careful, then you can damage your tiles.

They can be replaced easily, yes, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be a pain in the neck. Tiles are going to be weaker than thick granite slabs and that’s just a fact that you’ll need to come to terms with, no matter how much you care for your countertops.


Ceramic and granite each have their own sets of pros and cons and this comparison is going to help you out a lot in choosing the right material for your perfect kitchen. If you want a countertop on a budget, choose ceramic tiles. But if your preference is durability and ROI, then find a granite installer Potomac for the installation of granite countertops.