Volume is a factor that’s missing in a lot of women’s manes. Thick, luscious hair seems like a dream far away from reach, but it’s not anymore. You can get them by using hair weaves from hair extensions salons. Below are the things to know about this revolutionary hair invention.

What Are Hair Weaves?

A hair weave is essentially a weft of hair that is attached to the real hair strand by sewing. This is a more natural way of making your hair look thick and luscious because, with wigs and other external hair restoration methods, the results can look very artificial. Hair weaves aren’t prominent at all and you can style your hair in just about any way.

Hair weaves are very thin wefts of hair that take a bit of time to be applied. Since they’re only applied to the natural hair by sewing, you must get this done by a professional, because sewing hair weaves on your hair will lead to an unbearable arm ache and no results.

Hair weaves are more durable and long-lasting because they’re secured on the hair. They’re a somewhat permanent method of making your hair look thick and even long if you want to get instant length without waiting for months and months for your natural hair to grow out.

Hair weaves are available in a huge variety and there is a plethora of textures, colors, and hair densities to choose from. You will find something that suits your natural hair.

Hair Weaves Vs. Hair Extensions

This is typically a common question that people ask. Are hair weaves and extensions the same thing? Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that hair extensions and hair weaves work similarly, that is they add length and volume to the hair by securing the wefts on the natural hair.

Hair weaves and hair extensions differ in the way of application. Hair weaves are only sewn onto the hair, whereas hair extensions can be glued, taped, fused, and even clipped on, so there are a variety of ways by which extensions can hold onto the natural tresses.

Typically, hair weaves are known to last a lot longer than hair extensions, because the way the former is applied is a lot stronger and the wefts don’t unravel as easily as is the case with the latter.

Types Of Hair Weaves

Here are some different types of hair weaves, based on the sourcing of hair for the wefts:

Synthetic Hair Weaves

As the name suggests, synthetic hair weaves are wefts that are made out of synthetic hair. These weaves are going to cost you a lot less, but they can look a bit fake, especially if you go for wefts that are extremely shiny and don’t match your hair color at all. With synthetic weaves, you can get a decent variety of colors, but they do lack in the texture department.

Human Hair Weaves

Human hair weaves are the closest thing you can get to natural hair. They are made out of real human hair and have a lot of variety in colors as well as textures. They can also be styled in the same way as your natural hair, which is not the case with synthetic hair weaves.

Remy Hair Weaves

Remy hair weaves are wefts that are also made out of human hair, but the main difference between Remy and natural hair weaves is the fact that in the former, the cuticles are of the same length and have the same direction. This gives a more natural and sleek finish to the entire mane.

Remy hair weaves are the most popular types of wefts out there, however, they will be an expensive splurge. Remy hair weaves are preferred by professional hair stylists and the results are pretty amazing, once they’re applied to the tresses. You won’t want to go back to human hair weaves after trying out Remy weaves. Some hair weaves are also considered non-surgical hair replacement for men Potomac.

How To Apply Hair Weaves

Here is a step-by-step guide on how hair weaves are applied:

  1. First, your hair will be washed and dried. There shouldn’t be any product in your hair, otherwise the results won’t be the same. So, if you want, wash your hair at home, before going to the salon, or you can get it done there as well if you’re pressed for time.
  2. Next, your hair will be divided into sections. Starting from the top of your head, near the crown, your hair will be divided. The bottom half of the hair will also be sectioned off. These are the places where the base braids will be made. These braids will be the very things that hold the weaves in place.
  3. A thin section is taken from the hair and is tightly braided. Once the braid is secured, the weave is sewn into the hair using a looping method. The process is repeated for the entire mane.
  4. Once you’re happy with the length and volume of the hair, then the entire mane will be brushed out and styled according to your preference and that’s pretty much it for the application.

Care For Hair Weaves

Taking care of your newly voluminous hair is half the battle. You have to take care of your hair to ensure that the weaves last long in your mane.

Wash & Condition

The most important step in making your hair look gorgeous is getting rid of dirt and grime. Greasy hair is not a style statement, so shampoo will be your best friend. With hair weaves, it’s easy to work your fingers on the roots of the hair, but it is advised to be careful because you don’t want to rip out the weaves, or worse, your natural hair.

Air-Dry Vs. Blow-Dry

It’s highly recommended that you always let your hair air-dry, especially if you have weaves in it. There is nothing wrong with blow-drying your hair, other than the manipulation that follows when you try to blow-dry it. The flipping, tossing, and wriggling of the hair can lead to tangles and knots and it can be a pain to get the hair tangle-free again, especially if you have weaves in the hair.

You want to be extremely careful around the roots and scalp, so use a brush with loops to get rid of the kinks and knots in your hair. If you’re in a hurry and can’t air-dry your hair, then use a blow-dryer and avoid moving the hair around too much.

Keep Chemicals At Bay

Last but not least, you want to take a break from treating your hair with harsh chemicals. Things like hair dye, bleach and even straightening treatments are not recommended, especially when your weaves are newly applied.

If you want to dye your hair, then you might need to remove the extensions first and then have the treatment done. You’re only going to make matters worse if you expose the weaves to harsh chemicals, so it’s better not to.


Hair weaves are the gateway to healthier and thicker hair. So, sport your mane with confidence and make your front cover-worthy hair flip dreams come true. All you need to is to get them from salons that do hair extensions Potomac.