A leaking refrigerator can be an irritating situation especially if you are not able to find a solution. In most cases, the cause tends to be a dirty defrost drain but there could be several other reasons as well so consulting an appliance repair expert is a good idea.

To tackle such issues, you need to be familiar with the signs & symptoms. This way, you can get straight down to fixing the problem instead of wasting your time and effort on other things. So, grab your tools, and let’s see what could be the problem in this case.

Blocked Condensation Drain

A blocked condensation drain is perhaps the most common cause of a leaking refrigerator. With time, the drain can become accumulated with dirt and dust that can lead to blockage. If that is the case, the water will not be able to exit and will find other places to escape causing the unit to leak.

To unclog and prevent the condensation drain from leaking, you should regularly maintain the refrigerator. This is especially the case with commercial refrigerators. Because commercial kitchens have a lot of dirt, grime, and oil due to multiple food items daily, the maintenance of refrigerators becomes a necessity.

If you wish to fix the issue on your own, you will need to consult the user manual. Unplug the refrigerator from the main power supply and empty the drain pan. Locate the condensation drain and check if it is blocked. Clean it using a tool and some water. Depending on the blockage, you might have to put in some effort to clean the condensation drain.

Once you are done, re-install the drain pan, plug in the unit, and see if the issue is fixed.

Frost Buildup

Another noteworthy reason your refrigerator might be leaking is due to frost buildup. Frost buildup can take place due to a variety of reasons but should not be regular. Refrigerators need to be defrosted once too much ice has built up inside. Modern refrigerators are smart and will automatically activate the defrost function.

If your refrigerator does not come with such a feature, you will need to defrost it manually by turning off the unit and letting it rest for a while. If too much ice builds up in your refrigerator, it will limit its ability to maintain a consistent temperature.

Frost buildup can also take place due to worn out seals. Refrigerators come with seals and gaskets made of plastic to prevent outside air from entering inside. With time, the seals and gaskets wear out due to constant opening and closing. If that is the case with your refrigerator, you can simply replace them. Before, clean the door gasket because this can also fix the problem in some cases.

Unbalanced Fridge

Although it is commonly overlooked, an unbalanced refrigerator can also leak. Modern refrigerators come with adjustable feet at the bottom, which allows them to stand balanced without leaning to any side. If you want to check if the refrigerator is level, you can use a leveling tool.

To make the task easier for yourself, you will need an extra set of hands. Once you have leveled the refrigerator, you should gently shake it to make sure it is level. Plus, if your refrigerator does not come with adjustable feet, you will need to purchase an aftermarket stand.

However, keep in mind that the stand should be able to withstand the weight of the unit. The reason is that refrigerators can easily topple if kids are playing around in the kitchen or for any other reason. Be extra sure the unit is stable and does not pose any threat.

This is common in other water-related appliances as well. If your washing machine or dishwasher is not on a level surface, they may leak water and you may have to hire a washing machine or dishwasher repair Alexandria service to know the cause.

High Humidity

If you live in a region that has high humidity levels, it can affect your refrigerator’s performance. Both humidity and moisture tend to be the worst enemies of cooling appliances and do enter them as well. Each time the refrigerator is opened, the humidity inside the house enters the fridge and builds up over time.

This excess moisture will gradually lower the temperature inside the fridge and cause a water pool inside. Not only that, it will also result in food spoilage as well. The best way to prevent humidity from getting to your refrigerator is by installing a dehumidifier.

It is a smart investment especially if you struggle with humidity and moisture in your home. Fortunately, dehumidifiers are not that expensive and are available at local supermarkets. You can install one in the kitchen and the other in the lounge to tackle excess humidity.

Problem With The Water Supply Line

Sometimes, the problem does not lie with the refrigerator but with some other components such as the water supply line. If you observe that your fridge is level and the drain is unobstructed, it means there is most likely a leak in the water supply line. In such a case, you will notice drops of water slowly falling on the surface and creating a small pool.

Fortunately, this is going to be an easy fix. All you need to do is turn off the unit and locate the plastic hose that runs from the ice maker and water filter down to the back of the appliance. Keep in mind that this method will only work if your refrigerator comes with an ice maker.

If you see water dripping or collecting along the hose’s exterior, it means you leak. To fix the issue, you can either replace the hose on your own or simply call a technician. Make sure to follow the instructions mentioned on the replacement hose to prevent future leakage.

Lack Of Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is a common reason contributing to leaking refrigerators. Despite the experts stressing on maintaining refrigerators, some people still find it difficult to accept the fact that refrigerators need proper maintenance to keep running smoothly.

Refrigerators like other household appliances like the oven need regular maintenance. This is because food particles, oil, and other factors make their way into the pipes and other areas that influence the performance. This is why you should perform regular inspection and maintenance on your refrigerator at least once a week.

Luckily, maintaining the refrigerator is no rocket science. All you need to do is grab some cleaning tools and thoroughly clean the major components. Make sure that you keep the user manual on your side during the process. Once you have cleaned the refrigerator, simply use a flashlight to inspect inaccessible areas for any unusual signs & symptoms.

Furthermore, you should also invest in expert maintenance. This allows you to repair and replace any components that might turn out to be a problem later on and affect other components as well. This might be an expense for some but an investment for others.


Keep the tips mentioned above in mind and do not open the parts that have no direct connection to water leakages. The purpose is to know what might cause the leakage so that you do not end up causing another problem. Plus, follow a regular maintenance schedule and hire a refrigerator repair Springfield professional if required.