Having a furnace in your house is a blessing if you can afford it. In the winter season, the furnace is the only thing supposed to keep you warm. However, they often run into some problems when you least expect them to. It can be challenging to troubleshoot the issue especially if you are unfamiliar with furnaces which is why you need the expertise of furnace repair services. Well, you can do something on your own as well if you want.

A furnace not blowing air can be a small or huge problem, so let’s have some reasons that cause this problem.

Check The Thermostat

If your furnace is not blowing any air, you must check the thermostat. While it is a no-brainer, most homeowners often ignore this basic troubleshooting tip. If you have multiple people living in your house, someone may be adjusting the thermostat as some people tend to be temperature sensitive.

That said, you should make sure no one is constantly trying to adjust the temperature. To check the furnace, adjust the temperature to five degrees higher than the temperature inside the house and see if the fan comes on. Furnaces are designed to turn on or blow air at a certain temperature.

If the temperature has not dropped or reached the point where it triggers the furnace, it simply won’t turn on. Furthermore, you should check if the thermostat is adjusted to ‘heat mode’ instead of AC mode. Although modern thermostats are very efficient and intelligent but are also complex. This means there are multiple ways of messing up the settings and dealing with an irritating furnace not blowing any air.

Once you have made sure the settings are perfect, you need to check the date and time. Modern furnaces are designed to save energy. So, if the date and time are not set correctly, the furnace will not turn on or blow any air. At the same time, consider replacing the batteries. This is a common cause of furnaces not working normally.

If nothing else works, your thermostat might need calibration. If you are familiar with the calibration process, you can do it on your own or call an expert.

Check The Air Filter

Air filter issues are one of the most common reasons gas, electric, and oil furnaces fail to work at all. Air filters as the term suggests are components specifically designed to purify air by trapping contaminants and other harmful particles in air before it is circulated inside the house. Because they deal with air throughout the day, it is normal for them to get dirty.

This is why, you must clean them frequently. Every manufacturer recommends a maintenance schedule depending on the make, model, variant, and usage frequency. If you live in a region that requires a furnace almost throughout the year, you will need to clean the air filters more frequently.

However, to ensure your furnace keeps working perfectly, you will need to schedule expert maintenance. If the furnace is not to be used for a few months, you should make sure to cover and thoroughly clean it before using it again.

The reason is that during the resting period or the summer season, birds, rats, and other animals tend to take up accommodation. They might bring along dust, and debris that eventually becomes stuck in the vents and fans. Therefore, to avoid any damage, the furnace should be inspected and cleaned before it is used again for the winter season.

Furthermore, if the furnace happens to be old, it could be that the filters need replacement. Make sure you either contact the manufacturer or opt for the exact replacement from a reliable source.

Check Furnace Circuit Breakers

If you have had electrical work done recently, it could be that the circuit breakers were turned off. In this case, the furnace will not turn on. So, you need to check the circuit breakers and turn them on for the unit to receive electricity.

Circuit breakers are safety devices that prevent electrical appliances from getting damaged due to power surges. If you observe that your furnace has suddenly stopped working, it could be due to the circuit breakers shutting off the power supply so save the furnace.

Then again, you will need to turn them on for the furnace to work. However, if you notice that the circuit breakers are constantly turning off, it means there is a problem somewhere. To fix the issue, you will need to consult furnace services Arlington.

The Furnace Needs Maintenance

Furnaces like other home appliances need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly and effortlessly. In addition to the air filters, several other components inside the furnace need constant inspection and cleaning. In most cases, homeowners tend to clean the units themselves but avoid expert maintenance.

This is a common mistake that leads to complications down the road. Expert cleaning and maintenance involve accessing complicated areas with calculated risks. It requires special skills and experience to avoid accidents and clean and maintain areas using specific tools.

With time, layers of dirt and dust accumulate inside the furnace make it hard for the components to function. As a result, the furnace might also consume more electricity than usual causing an increase in the energy bills. Therefore, instead of avoiding expert maintenance, you should invest in it.

This is because experts can identify problems before they become serious. If ignored, these problems could affect and turn into bigger ones causing excessive damage and spending. At the same time, maintenance helps prolong the unit’s life and ensures effortless running.

Blocked Air Vents

Air vents are passages through which the air from the furnace is circulated inside the house. With time, these vents also become clogged if regular maintenance is not provided. As mentioned earlier, rats, birds, and other creatures take up accommodation, especially during the winter season in warm areas.

As a result, the vents could become damaged and allow air to leak outside. It is often that homeowners blame the furnace for not being able to provide sufficient airflow and ignore the relevant components. Sometimes, factors that are least considered tend to be the culprit.

Therefore, if your furnace is not blowing any air at all, you should check the air vents too. It could be that the leaks are very small. However, they will turn bigger if the problem is left ignored. You could use a sealant to cover the leakages temporarily.

But, make sure to get them repaired if the amount of air leaking is disturbing the airflow inside the house.

Damaged Limit Switch

The limit switch of a furnace controls the functioning of the fan and the heat coils. It signals them to turn on and off. If your furnace is not blowing air through vents, it could be a bad limit switch or the furnace is overheating. In an event a furnace overheats, the limit switch turns off the heating functionality of the furnace.


Fixing a furnace not blowing any air requires basic inspection and maintenance skills. If the issue is electrical, you should better call an expert. Apart from that, make sure your furnace is regularly inspected and maintained by an expert from HVAC companies Tyson’s Corner to avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs when you need the furnace the most.