The success of an event is measured by the crowd. After managing things like the venue, event team, and party rentals, attracting the crowd is the next step. If you have a house full then it means your event is a complete sell-off. But the question is how do you attract a good number of crowds to your event and what strategies to use?

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms these days are the major factor to divert crowds towards your event. Almost 60% of all our time is spent using social media, so this should be the focal point of your event marketing. The major social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Surely you would have accounts on all these.

Facebook: Make an event announcement with the date, venue, time, and activities of your event. Make sure it’s a catchy advertisement with properly listed details and looks welcoming.

Twitter: Tweeting regularly on Twitter will make sure more and more people see and notice your event.

Instagram and Pinterest: These are very visual platforms where you can post teasers and images of your upcoming event. Make sure these are captivating with the captions coming soon. This way people will be intrigued about the event and they would want to attend it to see what the suspense is about.

Hashtag Your Event

Hashtags can direct your audience directly towards the event page. Keep one hashtag and try to use it on all sorts of social media platforms. On Facebook, you can market your event through hashtags on your profile, in different groups, and in conversations where applicable. Facebook and Instagram are connected so ultimately the hashtag will shift to Instagram as well. Twitter is the best place to utilize your hashtags.

Make sure you start this at least 3 weeks before so your guests are familiar with specific hashtags of the event. You can spread the marketing campaign through your event speakers, participants, team members, singers, stall owners, and all those parts of the event. When each participant will hashtag the event then the event will be visible everywhere and stay on top of people’s minds.

The Ticketing Strategy

Your event tickets selling out completely means you have cleared 60% of your event and it will surely be a success. There are many ways you can sell out your tickets fast:

Early Bird Discounts: The best way to attract your guests. First, do your advertisement and promotion right so that you have brought your guests towards the edge of excitement. Then give an early-bird discount, which means give a percentage off if the tickets are bought before a certain date.

Group Discounts: Give a collected discount if a certain number or group of people purchase tickets together. This will ensure a large number of tickets sell out fast.

Easy Access To Tickets: Standing in long lines with so many people on the day of the event to purchase tickets can get extremely troublesome. Instead, make sure the tickets are available at all the common audience places such as a supermarket or a restaurant. Another great option is the online availability of the tickets. These days people want to do all the buying from the comfort of their home, so more people would want to buy online tickets. You can put up perks for online tickets such as a free drink or a free ice cream. But make sure that the tickets are available on the event day as well in case some people got to know late or couldn’t buy the tickets.

Ticket Deals: You can even sell tickets at a higher price by combining them with your food stalls and food vendors and including meal vouchers with the ticket or a special dessert or any other freebie that would help promote the food stall and sell your ticket.

Competitions, Games, And Giveaways

Make sure to include everything. Hold special competitions on social media regarding the event such as the highest number of event sharers or guessing games and then announce a price. Having a lucky draw, bingo, and raffle tickets on the day of the event and a small effort like a free giveaway for every guest will make sure all your guests remember your event for the future.


These ways will surely attract a large number of the crowd which will make your event a huge success. Make sure you have arranged everything with your team and event tent rentals Rockland NY for a successful event.