Without a doubt, commercial ovens are a big part of the institution or restaurant that you own. If you do not own one, then your kitchen will simply not run as efficiently as it could. This could also happen when your oven has turned off and you need commercial oven repair before proceeding forward.

After all, commercial appliances such as the oven tend to work very hard. As a result of this, these appliances often end up facing several issues that you have not anticipated.

Commonly experienced issues with commercial ovens

However, what are the most common problems with commercial ovens? Well, in this article, we will discuss all of these problems.

By knowing about these problems beforehand, you will be able to stay ahead the game.

There is no heat

In case your commercial oven is not properly heating up, a faulty thermostat may be the one to blame. In case you are using an oven that runs on gas, then check the gas igniter and make sure that it is working properly.

Fix the oven

Before calling oven repair services, check the electric elements. Make sure that the burners are working properly and receiving enough gas for usage. With that, if the elements do not have any light, then call an appliance repair company if necessary.

No Pilot Light

Sometimes, a bad thermocouple will result in malfunctioning of the pilot light. As a result of this, the oven will simply stop working properly. Sometimes, the entire safety valve will have to be replaced due to this issue.

Furthermore, if the pilot light keeps turning on and off, the issue might be with the light itself. This will require a complete replacement for it to start working efficiently again. So, get it replaced before the problem spreads to other parts of the oven.

Oven not heating up

Similarly, at times the oven does not heat up to the right temperature. In case your oven is not heating the food up properly, then it is time to call an expert to repair it for you.

Sometimes, this happens due to a bad sensor, as a result of which the correct temperature is not achieved. The sensor simply fails to send signals to the heating element. And hence, the heating element stays colder. Consequently, food does not cook.

An expert will simply take a look at the sensor and replace it if it requires a replacement. With that, a technician may also recalibrate it to make sure that the sensor is working well.

Another common issue that arises due to faulty sensors is that the food does not cook evenly. As a result of this, it often stays uncooked on one side or get overcooked on the other. This is a huge problem as it renders the oven totally useless.

Oven does not turn on

This is the worst of all oven problems. If your oven is not turning on, then chances are that something is miserably wrong with it. This is because such issues occur on the last stage.

In this case, we suggest you do not tinker with the appliance anymore and reach out to a suitable appliance repair service.


There are plenty of commercial appliances repair Fairfax services available for you. So, rather than tinkering with your appliances, we suggest you take help from these services. If you go to a good service, your oven will be up and running in no-time. With that, some low-end services may actually ruin your appliances and may make the situation even worse. This is why it is important to choose the best contractors only.