Winter is that time of the year that we all look forward to. Spanning across just a few months, we want to make full use of it whether it’s in our personal or corporate circles. With the right party rentals and proper planning, you can make your winter corporate events memorable.

Winter Wonderland Theme

It’s virtually impossible to host outdoor events in winter but with some creativity put to use you can make this theme lively and enjoyable. The décor should be all white, white walls, table linen, balloons, dishes, everything. Serve seafood and white drinks too.  Tell your guests to dress up either in full white or bold tacky colors to make them stand out amidst the white wonderland.  You can add a further surprise element to your event by playing a movie on a large projector; Disney’s Frozen being the perfect option.

Forest Backdrop

Remember snow white and her seven dwarfs? We all loved it back then and many of us still do. Recreate the same magical ambiance for your next corporate event by booking a guest house in between the woods. Your venue will look majestic and your guests will be bewitched by the rustic guest house surrounded by snow.

Feast them on a charcoal cooked meal followed by a storytelling and singing session around the bonfire. This company event will surely leave them rejuvenated.

Bowling Alley

Not everyone is a fan of hanging out outdoors in winters.  It’s better to invite your guests for your next corporate event to a bowling alley. The informal settings of the alley will relax your guests while the ball game will boost your team’s spirits and later you can arrange for dinner in some decent restaurant to satiate their hunger.

Ice Skating

Winters and ice skating is the perfect combo, provided the rink is situated outdoors. The cool crisp winter breeze that you feel while gliding over ice is enough to mesmerize. For your next corporate event take your team members to an ice rink in this winter season. They will feel relaxed and thank you for organizing the event. Following ice skating, you can further entertain them with a dinner accompanied by drinks.

New Year Party

What better way to celebrate your winter corporate event coupled with a New Year party? It has added benefits because people are already in stride for the festivity and your well-planned corporate event can raise their spirits.  Choose an exclusive venue for either an indoor or outdoor event depending on the theme you incorporate.

A key feature of the party should be a giant clock because attendees are always watching closely how much time is left for the next year to start, and choosing with whom they want to be close as time approaches. If you have a small gathering you can even opt for a televised display of time.

Mountain Trekking

Mountain trekking is another wonderful option to consider when planning your next corporate event. Outdoor events have their significant charm which cannot be replaced by an indoors one. Take your team outside the city for mountain trekking, and after a whole day on the rugged mountain terrains let them enjoy a meal in front of the fire accompanied by music and drinks.

This event is going to be particularly fun in winters because heated summers take their toll on us, lessening the relaxing effect that should arise after any event.

Fire In The Snow

Two contrasts grouped under one umbrella. Yes, you get it right! This winter, enjoy by planning a corporate event that revolves around fire only. Imagine the heat that will be there to warm your guests amidst the cool winter breeze. Barbecued food, s’ mores, grilled waffles, bonfires, and whatnot.

Corporate events are usually held in the spring or summer season to ensure comfort for all attendees, but people who think outside the box know how to make full use of every opportunity presented to them. However, make sure the corporate tents rentals Northern VA or the vendors you hire have the right equipment to make your event themes believable and enjoyable. These were just some of the ideas that can be incorporated into your corporate events this winter season.