Chimney cleaning logs are in quite a demand these days. However, some homeowners are skeptical about them. These logs are put in your fireplace like wood. Its job is to burn and keep your chimney clean by loosening up the soot. So, let’s take a look at some pros and cons to determine whether chimney cleaning logs actually work. Alternatively, you can hire chimney sweep services for chimney clean up.

What Do Chimney Cleaning Logs Do?

Chimney cleaning logs are designed to clear your chimney of creosote. They are also called chimney sweeping logs or creosote cleaning logs. Creosote is the direct result of using less dry or green firewood. As the wood burns, creosote is created that sticks to the walls of the chimney. With time, the chimney tends to get blocked.

To avoid blocking the chimney, cleaning logs are put in the fireplace to loosen up the creosote. As a result, it makes cleaning the chimney a lot easier and keeps things in working order.

Do Cleaning Logs Really Work?

Although cleaning logs are designed to loosen up and prevent creosote buildup, in some cases they might not be helpful. The reason being that creosote buildup occurs in three stages. In the first stage, it is flaky, and using cleaning logs can actually help prevent it from clinging to the walls. However, as the stages progress and you happen to use the cleaning logs in the later stages, then they might not work.

Furthermore, cleaning logs do not clean the chimney entirely. You will have to either clean it yourself or call professional services. Most people get confused between cleaning logs, preventing and loosening creosote buildup and getting rid of it completely. Cleaning logs are designed to prevent creosote buildup and not get rid of it.

Are Cleaning Logs Safe?

Cleaning logs are safe to use. Since they are designed to act against creosote buildup, they pose no harm if you were to use them correctly. However, you need to make sure that you clean up the creosote when it falls to the surface. Not cleaning the debris might lead to creosote catching fire. And since the process requires just sweeping the floor, you do not need to call professional services.

Advantages Of Chimney Cleaning Logs

Chimney cleaning logs apart from being safe to use are easy to use as well. You simply put them along with the wood and let them burn. After a while, they will do their job. If you do not plan on using them, you can store them as well and utilize them in the future as they do not come with an expiration date. Additionally, you can buy them in bulk, which will cost you comparatively less, and use them when needed.

These logs are helpful when it comes to professional cleaning. Since the buildup is not that worse during the early stages, you can keep the chimney clean by regularly sweeping the surface and brushing any leftovers.

Disadvantages Of Chimney Cleaning Logs

While chimney cleaning logs have proved to be of great use for some people, it is not the safest alternative to a certified chimney company. Regardless of how long you have been using the logs, you are still going to need professional services to properly clean the chimney.

These services will clear the second and third stages, which the logs aren’t able to do. If you ignore that, you run the risk of catching fire. Furthermore, these logs cannot be used for fireplaces that utilize propane or gas. You should opt for other options in that respect.

How Often Should You Clean A Chimney?

Experts suggest that you get a professional sweep at least once a year. This will prevent a thick buildup of creosote and remove any shelter created by bees and other animals.

At the same time, you should regularly inspect your chimney for buildup is possible. However, when the time comes, you should not shy away from calling professional help.

Final Word

Chimney cleaning logs can do wonders but you should ensure that you have the right type of fireplace. Plus, you should clean the surface by hiring chimney cleaning services Bowie once a year to avoid any serious problems.