Everyone likes to be warm and cozy when it is freezing outside. It would be difficult to imagine your oil burner giving up or experiencing problems making it almost impossible to survive. You need to make sure that your oil furnace is always working at its optimum and hire oil burner repair services to fix them should a problem arises. With that said, here is when you should repair your oil furnace.

Energy Bills Are Higher Than Usual

The first sign pointing to your oil furnace needing repairs is high energy bills. During the winter season, it is normal for the energy bills to slightly increase. However, if you observe that the bills have suddenly increased to the point where there is a significant difference between the previous bills, you need to take a look at the situation.

If the components of the oil burner are clogged or have dirt or dust accumulation, it will be comparatively harder for the furnace to breathe, which will ultimately lead to high energy costs. On the other hand, if your burner is older, chances are high that it will regularly develop problems. Therefore, in such a case, you might need some repairs to get the normal functioning back.

The Furnace Making Strange Noises

The next important sign you should look out for is the burner making strange noises. Although furnaces make certain noises when they are running, starting, or turning off but if you come across unusually loud noises, it means there is something wrong with the unit.

This is particularly the case when turning on the oil furnace. If you hear a loud bang, it should not be ignored. At the same time, if you notice whistling or howling noises, you should attend to them. It might be that the oil burner is not receiving sufficient fuel supply.

Furnace Giving Off Strange Smell

When an oil furnace is running, you can expect the faint smell of dust or fuel but it should not be a strong smell. Typically, the dirt and dust accumulated on the furnace burn when it is turned on, giving off faint smells. However, if you notice unpleasant odors of burning oil or rubber, you should immediately contact a professional to repair the furnace.

Strange furnace odors could indicate that something is seriously wrong with the furnace and pose a serious safety hazard. Some odors carry toxic chemicals, which could be harmful for you and your family.

Inconsistent Home Temperature

It is often that homeowners come across inconsistent home temperatures. While one room might be warm, the other will be the opposite of it. In addition to that, homeowners also find themselves regularly adjusting the thermostat.

When the furnace is turned on, it should maintain a comfortable temperature inside. However, if you notice that the furnace is not so efficient in terms of maintaining temperature, there must be some problem hindering its ability of heating the house. There could be several reasons for that and only a professional will be able to fix the issue.

Your Furnace Needs Regular Repairs

If you own an older oil burner, it will start developing problems sooner or later. It is pretty normal with older furnaces and you cannot do anything much about it. Once a furnace nears the ends of its lifespan, several minor and major problems will come up. However, if there comes a point where the repairs exceed the actual value of the unit, you should replace the furnace. There is simply no point in wasting money on the unit that won’t run for another year without breaking the bank balance.

Get It Maintained By A Professional

Oil furnaces can last for years if they are well-maintained. Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to overlook this fact, which reduces the lifespan of the unit. Annual maintenance ensures that the oil burner is free of potential problems and any future problems can be identified beforehand as well. This does not only save you from expensive repair bills but also the inconvenience of it waiting to be repaired when it is chilling outside.

Final Word

Concluding, we have mentioned everything about an oil furnace needing repairs. Whatever the problem may be, always get it checked by reliable furnace services Long Island. Oil furnaces are dangerous things. You can run into some serious problems if the issues are ignored.