Organizing a walk-in refrigerator is one of the most important factors when it comes to running a restaurant or food business. If it’s not organized and maintained well, not only will it look unappealing but also create unsafe conditions for both customers and your products. Better maintenance may also help you save on walk in cooler repair costs. In this blog, we are going to share some important tips related to organizing a walk-in refrigerator. Let’s start!

Label Everything

The first thing you might want to do while organizing your walk-in refrigerator is label everything. The last thing you would want is to use more or less the same ingredients for your favorite dish and ruin it. From the outside, the food items may look the same but you will have to dive in deep to see if they are any different or spoiled.

With that said, labeling solves all your issues related to freshness and quality. Every food item should enter the fridge with proper labels mentioning the purchase and expiry date. In addition to that, you should also label the shelves. This will help you identify food items even if you have not labeled them in the first place.

Implement A First In First Out Method

The First in First Out method plays a huge role in organizing a walk-in refrigerator. This method is used for both storing and maintaining the freshness of food items. The FIFO method works in a way that the first thing to enter the fridge will be the first thing to leave as well.

Using this method, you can be sure that you are not using products beyond their expiry date. As a result, the amount of spoiled food thrown into waste will decrease too. This method can be implemented by simply stacking new items at the back of the refrigerator, behind older items. This way, it will be easier for you to grab the item that has been resting for the longest period.

Keep The Lowest Rack 6 Inches Or More Above Ground

Keeping the lowest rack 6-inches or more above the ground allows you to easily clean and remove any spills. Otherwise, you will have to first pull out the rack and then proceed with cleaning, which can be a bit frustrating. In addition to that, it is comparatively difficult for pests to reach the food items as well.

Keep Meat Products On Lowest Rack

Although most people tend to place meat products on higher racks, that is not a wise decision. Keeping raw or thawing meat on high racks especially if they are marinated, could fall on other foods and lead to the growth of dangerous bacteria. In the long-run, cross-contamination can cost you both in terms of health and money.

Therefore, place the meat products on the lowest rack to prevent cross-contamination and spill. This way, the liquid instead of falling onto other foods will fall on the ground and will not damage other food items. Plus, you can easily clean the spills at the end of the week without having to remove any items as well.

Leave Room For Circulation

Your walk-in refrigerator needs proper and sufficient circulation in order to cool or freeze the food items. If the food items are too closely packed, the air will not make its way through the food items and most probably not even reach the majority of them. This will not only overwork your appliance but also spoil sensitive food items.

As a good rule of thumb, you should at least keep space of 3-6 inches between each item. This will allow the unit to work at its optimum and each item to properly cool as well.

Clean Regularly

Although this does not relate to organizing your walk-in refrigerator but is important. Food contamination is a serious issue especially if you have kids in the house. This means that you should regularly clean the unit both from the inside as well as the outside. In fact, you should hire a professional who will not only thoroughly clean the appliance but also perform maintenance tasks to prolong the unit’s life.

Final Word

Now that we have shared the tips, it is time for you to implement them. If you are running a business, educate your employees and make sure they are following the rules completely. This will help you save money and keep your refrigerator running at its optimum for years to come. Moreover, call in commercial appliances repair Fairfax services to tackle any issue with the refrigerator properly.