If you are envious of Japanese girls sporting their straighter than straight mane, then you don’t need to anymore, because hair salons are here to the rescue to tame that curly and unruly mane of yours. Here is everything you need to know about Japanese hair straightening and should you go to a permanent hair straightening salon.

What Is Japanese Hair Straightening?

First things first, you need to know exactly what is Japanese hair straightening before you can commit to doing it. It is also called thermal hair straightening and it is a chemical process of straightening your hair. It is a chemical treatment which is applied to your hair and it dissolves the bonds between your hair and lets them loose, literally. They fall into a straight pattern all over your scalp and the curls become undone. This is a very effective hair treatment if you want your hair to be straighter for longer.

Process Of Japanese Hair Straightening

Here is the step by step process of Japanese hair straightening.

  • A cysteine solution or treatment is applied to your hair and it is left some time. This causes your hair to break its bonds and this is what undoes the curls in your hair.
  • The time during which the treatment is left on your hair depends on the thickness and length of your hair. Usually, it goes from 20 to 30 minutes.
  • The treatment is washed off thoroughly from the hair.
  • Your hair is shampooed and conditioned because you don’t want any treatment left in your hair any longer than the designated time.
  • Lastly, your hairdresser will take a hot straightener through your hair for any touch ups.
  • Then a neutralizer is applied to the hair and this sets and fuses the style in place so that it doesn’t budge and it also lasts longer with a neutralizer in your hair.

How Long Does Japanese Hair Straightening Last?

The whole process of Japanese hair straightening takes about 2 to 4 hours, depending on your hair length. If your hair is shorter, you will be done within no time at all. If your hair is longer than it needs an extra application of the cysteine treatment to further straighten your hair chemically.

The hair style, after it is done, lasts for almost 6 months which is amazing. This is a very nice treatment and it does not damage your hair if you keep it maintained and it can even push up to the 7 to 8 month mark, if you properly take care of it. If you want a long lasting hair straightening treatment, then this process is the best option for you.

Japanese Hair Straightening Vs Regular Hair Straightening

Regular hair straightening is a bit damaging process and it can leave you with brittle and dry hair. It is a very harsh way of straightening your hair and it can lead to your hair and ends being too damaged. Japanese hair straightening is a much better option because of two reasons.

One, it lasts for a long time and you don’t need to touch it up for months and you can go even more if you properly take care of it. Two, it is a chemical treatment which might also damage hair but it gives pin straight that are hard to get from any other hair straightening treatment.

It Is A Chemical Treatment

Be warned, even the best chemical treatments have their cons and so does Japanese hair straightening. The cysteine treatment, as much as it is great, is very damaging to the hair. Also, the process is irreversible and you will be left with straight hair forever. If you have colored hair, this treatment will be more damaging to your tresses than virgin hair. Any process which involves the use of any sort of chemical to your hair is going to be damaging to the hair, but since it is a long-lasting process, the touch ups are not frequent.


There you have it! Japanese hair straightening has become a new thing as of recently and there have been a lot of women who want that straight and sleek look. So, now you know that you can get it done too from a Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville.