Commercial kitchens are extremely busy places. With employees working round the clock to prepare fresh meals in the shortest amount of time, they are also surrounded by kitchen hazards that could cause injuries and other serious incidents. However, one should not be scared of such hazards but try to avoid them such as maintaining appliances with the help of commercial kitchen appliance repair services. So, let’s take a look at some common commercial kitchen hazards and how you can dodge them on a daily basis.

Slip & Fall

One of the biggest commercial kitchen hazards is slip and fall. As mentioned earlier, commercial kitchens are fairly busy places with spills, leakages, and other types of fluids and liquids ending up on the floor. Although, these are normal situations for commercial kitchens but could be threatening to the employees.

Commercial kitchens also contain sharp objects and machines used for cutting or heating etc. As a result, any employee could easily trip and end up having permanent injuries. The best way to avoid such hazards is to ensure regular cleaning of the floor.


Easily, burns are another one of the most common injuries in the kitchen with some leading to serious medical attention. While bigger commercial restaurants have sufficient room for movement in the kitchen but relatively smaller kitchens are cramped.

This means that employees are bound to bump into each other and might accidentally have their hands or fingers end up in or on the oven and other hot appliances. To tackle such situations, you should always have a first aid kit for immediate response.

Furthermore, you should keep all the hot appliances away from busy places. For instance, if you are done using the hot pan and do not need it for a while, you should place it away to avoid contact.

Electric Shock

Almost every commercial kitchen appliance runs on electricity. This means electric shocks are a genuine hazard to consider. In most cases, employees tend to get electrocuted by improper wiring, faulty equipment and exposure to liquids, etc.

The best way to prevent electric shocks is to properly maintain the machines. Regular maintenance by an expert will not only ensure the smooth operation of the machines but also keep electrical hazards at bay.

Moreover, the staff should also be trained and educated to practice certain safety measures while working around electric machines.

Incorrect Storage

Believe it or not but incorrect storage has played and continues to play an extremely important role when it comes to commercial kitchen hazards. Incorrect storage directly impacts health and safety factors. Since commercial kitchen appliances like a walk-in refrigerator have a lot of food items stored for future use, it is easy for the employees to become ill through contamination.

Apart from that, there should be sufficient storage space for safely placing kitchen items. There have been several incidents in the past where heavy kitchen items had landed on the employees resulting in serious head injuries.

Fire Hazards

Amongst the many hazards contained by a commercial kitchen, fire hazards tend to be the most dangerous. The reason is that a fire does not only threaten the employees but the entire business. In fact, commercial kitchens are one of the most common places to catch fire.

Even a slight mistake could burn the place down. This is because a commercial kitchen contains several fire sources such as grills, ovens, fryers, gas, etc. On top of that, faulty equipment, and insufficient health and safety training could easily turn the kitchen into a fireball.

That said, it is important that you take extra care of fire-related appliances and sources. Perform deep fryer repair Alexandria and maintain all other appliances. Always wear safety gear and keep an eye out for any unusual activity before it turns serious.

Lifting Injuries

Commercial kitchens are busier behind the curtains than in the front. There are a lot of activities taking place simultaneously that wear out employees in a short span of time. On top of that, the kitchen needs to be cleaned and restocked, which requires moving heavy items, objects, and equipment around.

According to several studies, more than 24% of commercial kitchen injuries are due to pushing, pulling or bending, etc. The best way to prevent such hazards and injuries is to make sure the employees are properly rested.

Mental exhaustion can confuse and complicate the decision-making process leading to accidents that could have been easily avoided. This means that as a business owner, you should avoid overburdening your employees to the point where they increase the risk of getting injured rather than increasing their productivity.

Chemical Hazards

Working with chemicals in commercial kitchens on a daily basis is a regular scenario. Different types of chemicals are used to keep the kitchen and the crockery sanitized and clean. However, these chemicals can also burn or harm the skin. Not only that, but some chemicals also contain acids that might result in severe food poisoning if food is exposed and served to the customer.

That said, commercial kitchens are obligated to comply with industrial standards when it comes to the handling chemicals. To avoid direct exposure, chemicals should be placed in a safe place, away from accidental contact.

Additionally, employees should wear gloves and goggles to keep the chemicals from entering the eye or the hands being exposed.

Crowded Workspace

Crowded workspaces create several limitations for both chefs and the staff. With little space to move around, it is easy for employees to hit each other and drop the freshly prepared meal onto the floor. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this when working in a busy environment.

The only solution is to expand the working space. As a general rule of thumb, the chefs should be provided with enough space to put final touches without disturbance or employees closely hovering around them,

On the other hand, the employees should be able to carry multiple items without having to worry about obstructions or blockages leading to accidents. The kitchen space and the layout of the commercial kitchen plays a part in this. Make sure the kitchen is planned and designed carefully.

Poor Ventilation

If you have ever worked in a commercial kitchen, you would know how suffocating and hot it could be with the kitchen being covered in smoke. Proper ventilation is essential for commercial kitchens and in fact strictly regulated by certain states.

Poor ventilation could cause suffocation, vision, and chronic breathing problems. So, if your commercial kitchen is already limited in space, you will have to make sure there is sufficient ventilation for the employees to breathe properly.

Install exhaust fans and remove burnt oil, food, or any other items that impact the air quality. This will help your employees breathe fresh air without having to constantly cough and sneeze.


Summing up, there is no doubt that commercial kitchens carry risks around every corner. However, most of them can be avoided by following the tips mentioned above. Keep in mind that your kitchen should always be cleaned and maintained by commercial appliances repair Northern VA technicians. This reduces electric, fire, and other hazards that might lead to serious burns and injuries. And finally, keep your employees properly rested, educated, and trained for them to implement and follow both safety and health practices.