Hair straightening is essentially a catch-all word for chemically straightened hair. As a result, many therapies are chemical in nature. The sort of outcomes you will eventually obtain are determined on the technique you have chosen. For example, if you visit a keratin treatment salon, you might have straight hair for up to three months.

These hair treatments persist until new hair grows in to replace the treated hair. They are commonly referred to as permanent hair straightening treatments since they persist for three months or longer. Thermal straightening, Brazilian blowouts, and Japanese hair treatments are all comparable treatments. However, they frequently share traits.

What you need to know about hair straightening

We have included all about hair straightening in this post. Each of the treatments discussed in this article has a unique recipe and procedure. While some of these treatments are available as kits that can be purchased and applied at home, others need you to visit a salon. Otherwise, the other forms of therapies will not provide the expected outcomes.

The following are the several forms of permanent straightening treatments:

Permanent hair straightening by a professional

A perm treatment is one that entirely alters the hair follicle structure. As a result, perm treatments are often linked with hair curls. Using such procedures, one can achieve curly or straight hair that was not previously there.

Permanent procedures take a few hours at times. Furthermore, the costs of such procedures frequently vary. However, depending on the salon, they normally start at $60 and can reach up to $1000.

Hair straightening that is semi-permanent

Semi-permanent hair straightening procedures are those in which the texture of the hair changes for just 3 to 5 months. These treatments may need many salon visits. These kinds of treatments might cost up to $150.

Straightening by heat

Japanese thermal straightening, often known as acid perm treatments, is like traditional procedures. Many individuals mistakenly believe they are keratin treatments, but this is not the case.

A thermal straightening procedure may need many hours in a salon. As a result, they are frequently significantly more expensive than other forms of treatment. They typically start at $200 and go higher from there.

Is it even worth it to have your hair straightened permanently?

You cannot get natural results with any form of hair straightening procedure. However, you may absolutely attain results that are close to natural. So, depending on your desired outcomes, hair straightening may be worthwhile. However, if you have unreasonable expectations or expect the benefits to remain forever, you will be disappointed!

In that situation, permanent hair straightening is not for you. After all, you cannot change your DNA, can you?


Hair straightening is highly suitable for those who want to get rid of their wavy or curly hair. Furthermore, straightening treatments such as keratin also help in reducing the frizz in your hair. So, your hair will turn out to be stronger and full of volume.

Generally, the amount of straightness that you want can be controlled based on the strength of the treatment. So, if you want straight and sleek hair, then you would want to increase the strength of the keratin treatment.

If you wind up sweating excessively after the hair treatment, you smell chemicals in your hair. Typically, this indicates a low-cost therapy. In such situation, you will be roaming around breathing all the dangerous substances. As a result, be certain that you are constantly receiving high-quality service from reputable hair straightening salons Potomac. In this scenario, less expensive procedures will just damage your complete appearance! As a result, they are not worthwhile.