Quartz is a very strong material for kitchen countertops, but it is prone to be damaged if it is not taken care of properly. You can repair quartz kitchen countertops by using the correct method.

The Best Ways To Fix Your Quartz Countertop

Here are some things you can do to repair a quartz countertop.

Glue The Chip

More often than not, the tips or edges of any type of countertop are more prone to breaking than the actual surface. The edges are probably the most fragile part of any countertop, regardless of how strong the material is, and quartz is no different. If you see a crack or a broken edge on your quartz countertop, it can be fixed easily in a few easy steps.

  1. Firstly, you will need to clear out the countertop so that there are no things on it.
  2. Clean your countertop and the area which is broken with a cloth and soap. You don’t want any dirt, dried food, or grime to be there on the countertop.
  3. This is a precautionary step, but it’s better to put masking tape around the broken edge of the countertop. This will localize the area and you will have an easier time aligning the broken piece back to the edge.
  4. You will need some heavy-duty super glue for this. You can easily get it in an arts and crafts store or a supply store. You will need to apply the super glue on the broken edge of the countertop and also some on the piece which broke.
  5. The trick here is to actually let the glue get tacky before you attach the two pieces together. This will make a stronger bond and it will be intact. So, after applying the glue, wait 10 to 15 seconds and then fuse the two pieces together. Make sure that you are taking your time aligning the pieces together because super glue cannot be adjusted after it has been stuck. It’s better to do some practice in aligning the edge first without the glue on the countertop first.
  6. Wait for the glue to dry for about 24 to 48 hours and then wipe it down with a wet and clean wash cloth and now the countertop is ready to use.

Use A Filler

If there are cracks in the countertop surface and they are a bit deep, then you will need to fill them up. Here is how you can do it at home.

  1. First of all, clean the surrounding area of the crack with a wet washcloth. It’s very important that you start off with a clean and dry countertop that has no dirt, food crumbs, or anything on it. Also, you can use a sharp and thin tool to pry out any crumbs and residue in the crack.
  2. After the countertop is clean, you will need a pigmented filler. Fillers are usually silicon or epoxy-based and they have pigment in them to match the color of your countertops. The epoxy or resin will dry to a clear finish but the pigment will blend in and give the same color as your countertops, so the crack will be camouflaged and virtually invisible. You can get pigmented fillers from the supply store or you can buy them both separately and mix them until you reach the desired color.
  3. Apply this thick solution right on the crack and make sure to fill it up. Don’t be scared to overfill because it can be rectified later.
  4. Once the filler is in the crack, you will need to wait for a day or two for it to completely dry. After the filler is dry, you can use sandpaper and sand down the excess filler until the countertop is smooth and the crack is no longer visible.
  5. Finally, you can clean the countertop with a wet washcloth and some soap to make sure there isn’t any debris or leftover filler on the countertop and it will be good as new again.


There you have it!  A quartz counter is very easy to repair and you can do it in the comfort of your own home with these easy tips and tricks. If it’s confusing, get advice from a quartz countertop installer Potomac.