Window tints are meant to offer you privacy and safety from UV rays. Plus, the films tend to be expensive and are installed by experts to ensure a longer lifespan. Contrary to what most people believe, auto glass tinting installation is not the most important step. It is the caring and maintenance afterward. So, let’s take a look at what you should not be doing after getting your windows tinted.

Don’t Park The Car In The Sun

If you opt for high-quality and expensive tints like ceramic tints, you should be rest assured that they will help protect you and your vehicle’s interior from the blazing sun. However, that does not mean that you park your car directly under the sun every time, even if you have the option of parking in the shade.

There is no doubt that such tints are particularly designed to block and tackle UV rays but there is a limit to it. Constant sun exposure can fade your car window tints. Furthermore, dust, dirt, and debris can also end up on your windows that might need to be cleaned.

And in the process, you might end up scratching or damaging the tints which will put a dent in your savings. Therefore, make sure to park your car in the shade and away from dirty areas.

Don’t Use Window Cleaners That Aren’t Safe For The Tints

While some cleaners are specifically designed to clean the window tints, others can be abrasive and potentially damaging to the tints. Plus, while searching for the right product, you may come across some chemicals that are cheap and marketed as safe for tint use. You should not fall into the trap.

High-quality tint films require high-quality products to keep them clean. If you cannot afford them, do not opt for expensive window tints as you will simply end up damaging them. Consult an expert to choose the right tint quality.

Additionally, check with manufacturer of the tint film and see if they offer a product to maintain the tints. Even though the manufacturer-made products tend to be expensive but will keep your tints protected.

Don’t Wash The Car

Once you get your car windows tinted, do not even think of washing your car no matter how dirty it is. Even though tints tend to dry relatively quickly in the summer season, you should still give it a day or two to fully cure.

On the other hand, if it’s the winter season, you might have to wait a week or up to a month if the situation demands it. The curing process of the tints solely depends on the weather condition and temperature outside.

The hotter the weather, the quicker the tints will dry and the opposite is the case when it’s freezing outside.

Don’t Roll The Windows Up Or Down

One of the common mistakes made by vehicle owners after getting their windows tinted is rolling the windows up and down thinking that the tints have cured. As a result, they end up ruining the entire job and have to visit the expert again to redo the job.

This is simply one’s waste of time and money. If you have a job for which you need the car or have a family, you should use your second car. And if that is not the case, you should inform your kids to keep their hands away from the windows.

Don’t Apply New Tints Over Old Tints

Installing new tints over old tints might save you some time and money but won’t help with the longevity of the new tints. To begin with, the existing tints should be professionally removed before installing a new film. The reason is that removing window tints requires skills and experience.

If you were to do it on your own, you might end up scratching the windows. Therefore, even if your existing tints aren’t damaged, you should remove them to install new ones. This will help avoid bubbles or any other factors that might influence the new film.

Final Word

Taking proper care of your tints can extend their life. Always choose a window tint shop Springfield for the removal and installation process and follow the tips mentioned above to ensure you do not need a replacement anytime soon.