We all know that single parents are increasing year after year.  It is important to know how one can manage the special challenges faced by single parents and to raise the child as happy and healthy person. In this article, I am going to give some important guidelines which can help a single parent to do bring up the child in the proper way.

Common challenges of single parenting

Without a partner the stakes of rearing a child are higher. Single parents hold the sole responsibility regarding all aspects of the daily child care related activities. Usually a single parent will be under added pressure and consequent fatigue due to various reasons like lack of enough money and emotional support from the spouse.  If you are exhausted it can create behavioural problems in your child and you will not be able to discipline him consistently. Often single parents have lesser income and health care facilities. Juggling child care and work can lead to social isolation and financial problems. The lack of female or male parental model can be cause for worry always.

Positive strategies for Parenting

Following tips can be very useful in developing some positive strategies so that the natural problems of single parenting can be minimized to the maximum possible extent      and the children can be raised properly giving maximum care, love.

Show your love: Give your child your full love and support and let it not get influenced by any external factors.  Do not forget to praise your child and set aside some time everyday exclusively for the child to sit, play or read with him.

Create routine: Creating a well planned routine for all your daily activities can be of great help in bringing regularity and making the child aware of what to expect from you and keep him satisfied with what you can afford for him.

Give quality child care:  For giving regular child care, arrange a qualified care giver who will provide proper stimulations under natural and safe environment. Do not engage your elder child as baby sitter. Also be careful in asking your partner or any friend to keep a watch on the child as it can lead to severe problems at a later stage.

Set limits: It will be better if you can set the limits up to which your child can expect from you and try to make him understand about your limits and the rules to be followed for leading a happy and satisfied life. Ask your child to speak respectfully to elders and care givers there by guiding him to proper discipline. Set your child’s limit to screen time. These controls will help your child to be more responsible and responsive to your directions.

Do not blame yourself: Do not blame yourself for becoming a single parent lest it will spoil the future of your child.

Talk to your child about divorce or separation

Single parent families are often created as a result of divorce or separation. If it is so, discuss with your child about situation and about the changes you are experiencing. Give attention to your child’s feelings in this regard and answer his queries honestly. Avoid unnecessary details or negative remarks about the other parent. If the child expresses some fears or concerns, the help of a counsellor can be sought for. Separated parents who communicate between them about co-parenting are found to have children who fare good in their daily activities and intellectual matters.

Single parenting and dating

If you are dating with new partner do not forget to understand the impact it can have on your child. Select a new partner who respects you and your child. Introduce him to the child only after the relationship with your new partner is well established. Before introducing your new partner to your child explain him the good qualities you notice in him. Do not expect your child to become friendly with your new partner immediately on introducing. Give them some time to know each other well and establish a good relationship.