Summer is always harsh to your hair. The UV rays not only damage hair but also affect the scalp underneath. That’s why you get frizzy, dry hair with an itchy scalp and dandruff.

You get hair fall in summer due to the loss of your hair’s natural oils. If you want to know how you can protect your hair in summer and safely get hair straightening treatments and balayage hairstyles, read this blog. Here’s a list of the measures you can take to avoid the damage and protect your hair.

Get Your Hair Trimmed

The primary step to avoid damage is to get a trim before entering summer.  Instead of having long, not so easy to handle hair in the scorching sun, get a new summer look with stylish short hair. Or if you really want to go with your long hair, then at least get them trimmed. This way, you’ll get rid of the split ends and the further damage. Also, hair grows faster in summer. So, let them grow healthier.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

In summers, how you protect your skin from the UV rays by using sunscreens and staying inside. In the same way, your hair needs protection too. Avoid staying in the direct sunlight for too long. Or at least cover your hair with a hat having wide-brims. Such hats will protect your skin and Ear, too, as they are more prone to skin cancer.

Use Sunscreens

There are hair-care products that are SPF and save your hair from sunlight. You should use such products, especially in summers. Also, avoid using such shampoos that are UV protectant, as they contain high amounts of chemicals. But you can use leave-in sunscreen masks for protection. Or else, just run your fingers smoothly through your hair after applying the sunscreen on your body.

Style Your Hair

Summer is definitely not the time to leave your hair open, specifically in the direct sunlight. The humidity in the air and the heat waves will make your hair look dead and dry. Also, the sweat will turn your hair from bouncy to flat.

Therefore, the less the area of exposure, the more the protection. So, put your hair in loose ponytails, comfortable buns, and such other summer go-to looks.

Try Deep-Conditioning

The UV rays, the humidity, and the scorching sun will make your hair color fade away. And if your hair is virgin, it will still look pale; I call it hair suntan. So, to protect your hair and rejuvenate the natural looks, use deep conditioners and oils.

Coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oil will help you lock the natural oils in your hair. And the conditioner will seal it further. If your hair is severely damaged, you can use leave-in hair masks and conditioners for extra protection.

Avoid Frequent Washing

No doubt, in summers you need to wash your hair quite often than in winters. And this frequent washing will make your hair lose its natural oils, making them dry and frizzy. That’s why you need to avoid washing your hair a lot. Instead, you can use dry shampoo in between to extend the period before you wash your hair. Cornstarch is a natural dry shampoo. This way, you’ll protect your hair without making them look greasy.

Protect Your Hair From Chlorine And Seawater

Swimming can also damage your hair, especially if you’re blonde. It is due to the chlorine water in the pool and the sea salt in the ocean. But you can protect your hair from chlorine and sea salt by avoiding their entry into your hair through cuticles. For this, damp your hair with water before swimming, so the chlorine will not absorb in your hair. Also, immediately rinse off your hair with water after getting out of the swimming pool.

Avoid Heat Tools

Heat tools damage your hair, and the damage is even more in summers. You should give a break to the blow-dryer, hair straightener, and hair curler. Let your hair dry naturally in summers. Also, the hot air is enough for you to not need blow-dryers. And hair straightening in summers will only leave your hair greasy and damaged. Instead, if you wash your hair at night and make a loose pony or bun, you’ll get natural summer waves by the morning.  If you need straightening or coloring, choose top rated hair salons Rockville.